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Crafting Masters in Coaching and Entrepreneurship.

Building a coaching business 

Coaches focuses on applying generic entrepreneurship skills to the business of the coaching in general and to the uniqueness of each coach in particular

Core entrepreneurship skills and Partnership

Coaches focuses on core entrepreneurship skills and is offered in partnership with the world- leading entrepreneurship EdTech company ~ GeniusU.

Mode of Delivery

Dedicated to empowering coaches as thriving COACHpreneurs through dynamic, accessible online and in-person collaborative learning experiences.


April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025
Europe/Middle-East/Africa & Asia-Pacific

‘COACHpreneur’ (noun): A professional coach who actively cultivates entrepreneurial skills to establish, grow, and sustain a successful coaching practice.


Course Objectives

In ‘COACHpreneur’ we will delve into the essential core design practices that Entrepreneurial Coaches employ to construct and sustain a flourishing coaching business.

Each practice is meticulously crafted to empower you in building a coaching practice that is not only sustainable but also resonant and impactful.

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‘COACHpreneur’ (noun): A professional coach who actively cultivates entrepreneurial skills to establish, grow, and sustain a successful coaching practice.

A COACHpreneur combines coaching expertise with a strategic and business- minded approach, demonstrating proficiency in areas such as client acquisition, marketing, financial management, and adaptability. This term embodies individuals who recognize the importance of not only guiding clients but also navigating the dynamic landscape of the coaching industry to build a resilient and thriving independent coaching business.

This course is designed for:

Aspiring Coaches

You are passionate about guiding others, eager to harness the power of coaching, and dream of turning your skills into a thriving career, this course provides the roadmap to transform your aspirations into reality.

Established Coaches Seeking Growth

For coaches already on their journey but looking to elevate their practice to new heights, "COACHpreneur" offers advanced strategies, entrepreneurial insights, and innovative approaches to expand your impact and income.

Entrepreneurs Exploring Coaching

You are an entrepreneur intrigued by the transformative potential of coaching and seek to integrate coaching principles into your business, this course provides the tools to enhance leadership, communication, and team dynamics.

Professionals Transitioning to Coaching

Professionals from diverse backgrounds who wish to transition into the fulfilling realm of coaching will find comprehensive guidance on not only mastering coaching skills but also navigating the entrepreneurial aspects of building a coaching practice.

Individuals Passionate About Personal Development

You have a deep interest in personal development and aspire to share your insights to inspire positive change, "COACHpreneur" equips you with the skills and strategies to turn your passion into a purpose-driven coaching practice.

Those Seeking Work-Life Integration

For individuals who value work-life integration and wish to design a career that aligns with their values, this course provides the framework for creating a coaching practice that is both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.

From Coach to COACHpreneur

‘COACHpreneur’ is for anyone who recognizes the potential to make a profound impact by merging the art of coaching with the science of entrepreneurship. Whether you are at the beginning of your coaching journey or looking to reinvent and revitalize your practice, this course offers a dynamic and comprehensive exploration of the skills and mindset needed to not only survive but thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of coaching and entrepreneurship.

‘COACHpreneur’ year-long comprehensive entrepreneurship course


What to Expect of Building a Coaching Practice


About Designing Your Business


The Approach in a Nut Shell


What is Your Coaching Persona?


What is an Entrepreneur?


Being an Entrepreneur Requires Commitment


The Core Design Practices of Entrepreneurial Coaches


Mapping the Design of Your Coaching Business (and Next Actions)

Our one-year course, ‘COACHpreneur’ is a transformative journey designed to equip coaches with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the competitive coaching world. The course fee of covers a comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction and access to valuable resources. We are committed to making this program accessible to all passionate coaches. Flexible payment plans and early bird discounts are available to suit your individual needs. Join us in unleashing your coaching potential and carving a successful path in the dynamic realm of coaching and entrepreneurship. Your coaching dreams are within reach.

Your coaching dreams are within reach

Cohort C    
September 1
, 2024 to August 31, 2025   

Online via Zoom


Early Bird

Early bird applies up to six weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

EUR   2,500

MYR  11,000

Regular Fee

EUR   2,750

MYR  12,500

Course Fee

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A Year-Long Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Course for Coaches

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