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Morphosis fundamentally believes that each coach is unique, as each client is unique, making any professional coaching relationship unique. As such, it focuses as much on the development of the human being as it does on the development of the coach.

‘Who I am is how I coach’

Welcome to Morphosis Coaching

Our mission at Morphosis Coaching is to usher in a new reality for aspiring and seasoned coaches. We aim to nurture the coach within you, guide your development, and support your journey towards making a profound impact on others' lives.



New World, New Reality

In the rapidly evolving world of today, the need for skilled, empathetic, and self-aware coaches is more prominent than ever. At Morphosis Coaching Academy, we take you on a transformative journey that aligns with the International Coaching Federation's standards, while also allowing you to discover and unfold your unique gifts. Our courses are not designed around a ‘one-size-fit-all’ coaching model, but rather, they provide a safe space for you to explore, grow, and develop your distinct coaching style.

Why are we here?

Serve to Unfold

One of our core values at Morphosis Coaching Academy is ‘If I Change, the World Changes.’ This belief guides our approach to coaching, placing equal importance on personal development and coaching skills. We hold a mirror to your unique potential and guide you towards realizing it, enabling you to serve and make a meaningful change in the world.

With fourteen cohorts completed to date and many graduates earning their International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials, Morphosis Coaching has proven itself to be a leading force in the coaching community. We’re proud of the impact our courses have had and look forward to continuing to serve future generations of coaches.

A New World for Aspiring or New Coaches

For those just stepping into the world of coaching or for newly certified coaches looking to sharpen their skills, Morphosis Coaching Academy is the place for you. Our comprehensive coaching curriculum is designed to provide you with the skills and credentials necessary for a successful coaching career, while holding a safe space for you to discover your unique offering as a coach.

Pit Stop for Professional Coaches

For professional coaches seeking further development, we offer mentor coaching, coaching supervision, and our ‘Coach as Entrepreneur’ workshop and supported journey. Morphosis Coaching Academy acts as a pit stop where you can refuel, gain new insights, refine your approach, and continue your journey with renewed vigor and clarity.

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Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific

Our Philosophy & Approach

Who am I is how I coach

From our fundamental belief that every human being is unique and thus every coach is unique, our courses are designed to bring about our participants unique gifts, unfolding their unique contribution to the world.

Unfold Your Uniqueness

The journey is focused on discovering one’s unique expression, one step at a time, throughout the course.

Here and Now

Our courses are not designed around a ‘one-size-fit-all’ coaching model for each participant to adopt, instead it holds a safe space for participants to progressively discover their specific offering.

Gold Standard of Coaching

Instead of being anchored on a model, our courses are aligned on ICF Definition of Coaching, Code of Ethics and Core Competencies, all of which provide the backbone of the development of our coaches and their services to the world.

Jean-Francois Jadin


Delphine Bondu


Ifigeneia Paraskevopoulou


Our Facilitation Team

People Walking

Associate Certificate in Coaching

In preparation for the International Coaching Federation ‘Associate Certified Coach’ credential (ICF ACC), using the Portfolio Path

Professional Certificate in Coaching

In preparation for the International Coaching Federation ‘Professional Certified Coach’ credential (ICF PCC), using the Portfolio Path

Master Certificate in Coaching

In preparation for the International Coaching Federation ‘Master Certified Coach’ credential (ICF MCC), using the Portfolio Path

Continuing Coach Education

Morphosis Coaching fosters coach development with mentor coaching, coaching supervision and other strategies. This ensures coaches have resources to grow and thrive.

Coach as Entrepreneur workshop and supported journey

Coach as Entrepreneur workshop and journey: develop and sustain a thriving coaching practice from your passion.

The Power of Coaching


The Power of Coaching workshop is a transformative and experiential one-day workshop that explores the profound impact of coaching on personal and professional growth.

Our Offering

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