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No matter where you are starting from

Having an unconditionally supportive coach who
believes in you,
empowers you,
and celebrates you
makes all the difference.

Zette Harbour CPC, ELI-MP

As a certified life & leadership coach,
I work with visionary, passionate
entrepreneurial women
who want to
experience more pleasure in life
enliven their work & their world.

In our coaching partnership,
you will design and grow your wings
with brilliance & beauty.

You will emerge, empowered & confident,
to live the life your heart desires..

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  • "The space you held for me was expansive and that enabled me to awaken to and tell my own story. We laughed, cried, and imagined and the result that effortlessly expressed itself was my life purpose. Being able to believe and share my life purpose has brought awareness of all my gifts. Now I can recognize the endless miracles that are happening in my life. You are a deeply intuitive and talented coach. I treasure our coaching sessions and all your energetic support. The time has come for me to turn my life’s purpose into meaningful acts and thoughts that feed the human collective!"
  • "Today's discovery experience was priceless, truly. Between being held by the waves, whales, and shimmering shoreline, and, your loving wisdom, I felt transported to a place of centered-awareness that is very validating and affirming. You are a gifted coach and I deeply appreciate your friendship and evolving connection. Your keen insight was helpful in guiding me toward discovering my deeper truth and creating a spiritual ceremony for integrating the growth I have recently experienced."