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Share Your Story with the World!

Share Your Story

Share Your Story with the World!

We love to hear your story and how our offering have impacted your personal and professional development. Tell us how you have benefited, what you love best about it, and how it has transformed your life.

We heartedly thank you for your time and are excited to share your testimonial on all of our communication channels, so that others can be inspired and empowered to reach their full potential. Let's come together to make a difference!

Share Your Story - Testimontials

Wendy Chu

The ICF and Points of You journey with Jean-Francois is the best detour in life I have ever decided for myself on the journey of my self discovery.

What They Say

Client 1

Dan Clement

I have engaged Jean-Francois, a consummate professional, on multiple occasions in recent years. The experience has been truly transformational, and unequivocally life changing. Thank you!

Client 2

Jo-Ann Vidal

Coming from the training and consulting world, I have said time and again that if you could only choose one program for your managers, it would be executive coaching and with Jean-Francois. The impact of coaching and his teaching process are lifelong.

Client 3

Kathleen Mojica

This particular coaching course is what convinced me that I could do it, that I had it in me to be  a coach.

Client 4

Pau Hernandez

A wonderful and eye-opening journey in coaching, both as coachee and certified coach.

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