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 choosing a coach
What are the key questions coaching clients asks when choosing a coach?

Finding your true offering creates room for renewal in your work.


I think the heart of our offer as coaches is renewal and rejuvenation. This is what self-development ultimately offers: a new perspective on ourselves, others, and on life, which brings a new kind of freshness that connects us more deeply to the vitality of life.


The ‘Coach as Entrepreneur’ course has three elements:


  1. Cultivating an entrepreneurial way of being

  2. Teaching a set of practices for building a viable business

  3. Nourishing the growth of a community of practitioners


Together, these elements generate the particular kind of renewal that is offered by this course.


What is missing for most struggling coaches is an entrepreneurial way of being. In my experience, there is no simple ten-easy-steps formula for building a successful coaching business. These formulations have the appeal of simplicity. They fit nicely in the confines of a book. However, they lack the nuance necessary to face – and respond creatively to – the actual circumstances that coaches find themselves in while building their business.


Building a successful coaching practice is not easy. It requires a certain way of attuning and sensing the circumstances and opportunities available, and certain skills to respond creatively and effectively to build the business. I’m calling this mixture of attunement, sensitivities, and embodied skills an “entrepreneurial way of being.”

What do we mean by ‘Entrepreneur’?

There are many definitions for this word. In my mind, what makes someone an entrepreneur is they embody a certain way of being that is characterized by two elements:


  • First, an entrepreneur is passionate about serving a certain community of people – their target market– who are facing certain circumstances. This passion focuses their efforts in many important ways.


  • Second, an entrepreneur is committed to generating value for people in their market, but even more than that, they are committed to renewing the lives of these people by offering new possibilities in a way the community already values.


Entrepreneurs are innovators. They create what I call unique entrepreneurial offers that help to differentiate them in the marketplace and establish their identity as a leader.


I find that nearly every struggling coach doesn’t have the right focus. For example, they consider their offer to be “coaching,” and will coach anyone who wants coaching. By doing this, they believe they will widen their market. But the effect is the opposite: by doing this, they narrow their market to such an extent that they actually have trouble attracting clients.

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Coach as Entrepreneur

3-Day Workshop and 6-Month Entrepreneur Journey

Build a Coaching Business

Build a Coaching Business

Passionately serving others as an Entrepreneur Coach, using your unique brilliance to make a good living.

Coach as Entrepreneur

This workshop is uniquely designed to enable you to make a living by building a successful coaching practice serving the people you are passionate about.

Coach as Entrepreneur

Coaching + Business

Coaching + Business

Making a living as a coach takes more than knowing how to coach. It also takes knowing how to be an entrepreneur.


Face-to-Face Workshop

Entrepreneur Journey


Core Design Practices

9 core

Who is it for?

Coaching + Business

‘Coach as Entrepreneur’ is not a three-day workshop and then that’s it. It is an integrated supported group experience.

For six months after the workshop, you will meet fortnightly ~ once a month for a 90-minute group coaching supervision session led by Jean-Francois Jadin and once a month for a 90-minute peer support session self-led by the participants.

For Aspiring or New Coaches

Individuals that realise that becoming a professional coach requires both developing as a coach and an entrepreneur and thus combine a stringent coach development journey and an entrepreneur development journey

For Professional Coaches

Individuals who are already coaches and wish to take their practice to the next level into a successful and sustainable coaching practice by developing a strong entrepreneurial streak next to their coaching skills and competencies

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Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Early Bird

Early bird applies up to six weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

USD 1,450

Regular Fee

USD 1,600

Group Fee

Group Discount '3 +  1 Free'


Workshop Fee

What will you learn

Inspires you to be your best

You are more skillful in building a life that nourishes, energizes, and inspires you to be your best and do your best work.

Unfold Your Uniqueness

You are more skillful in designing innovative coaching offers that distinguish you from other coaches.

Designing innovative coaching

You unfold and express more of your uniqueness, your gifts, and your passion in building your business and living your life.

Building a powerful brand

You are more skillful in building a powerful brand that enables you to get more coaching clients.

Gathering support and taking care of myself and my ability to serve my clients

Core 1

Authentically unfolding and expressing who I am through building my business

Core 2

Entering the world of the people in my market

Core 3

Envisioning innovative ways for clients to address their concerns

Core 4

Designing powerful and compelling offers that build trust

Core 5

Building a resonant brand – building my public identity

Core 6

Enrolling new clients through sincere and authentic selling

Core 7

Fulfilling my promises to clients – building my public identity of trust, brilliance, and value

Core 8

Pursuing mastery as a coach and as an entrepreneur

Core 9

Core Design Practices

Can you visualize yourself as an entrepreneur?

There lies the key!  We see ourselves as coaches.  We invested significant time, money and effort to develop as a coach and earn a coaching credential. 


Yet, it is only half of the success recipe.  The other required half is entrepreneurship ~ the business of coaching. 


In this three-day workshop and six-month journey, we will equip you with the skills and competencies to develop and grow your coaching business, using nine core design practices for entrepreneurial coaches.

How do I find my true offering as a coach?

Whenever you extend your offer to someone, you put them in the position of having to assess your offer before they know whether they should accept it.


Potential clients need to answer four questions for themselves:


  1. Is it relevant to me?

  2. Is it useful to me?

  3. Is it valuable to me?

  4. Do I trust this person to deliver this value?


For a potential client, answering these questions is not easy. You have to make every effort to make it easier for them to answer these questions. If you speak about your offer using generic language like “coaching,” you make it much, much harder for potential clients to understand and accept your offer.


Coaches can learn how to create offers that are easy for potential clients to understand and accept.


Coach as Entrepreneur

Friday to Sunday, October 20 to 22, 2023

Cohort 'B'

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